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Lawrence Singlehurst says:

I have been struck by Colossians 4 v 3 where the apostle Paul asks the Colossians to “pray for us too, that God may open a door for our message.”

 Everywhere I go, I speak to Christian leaders who believe as I do that we the church have laid down a ‘railway track’ of good deeds and social action, and now we need to lay a parallel track which is the words of the gospel; it is time for the church to be clear so that our gospel is truly Word and Deed.

Alongside this idea of parallel tracks, I have also been talking to churches about empowering every Christian to:

1.       Be able to describe their faith in words, ie having something to say;

2.       Have something to give to their non-Christian friends – such as quality books and other products that contain a little bit of gospel content;

3.       Invite people to opportunities such as carol services, Easter services, guest services, courses etc., thus creating an invitational culture by regularly inviting our friends and neighbours to these and similar events.

With all that in mind, this Christmas we at Cell UK have commissioned a Christmas card by textile artist Kate Buchanan. To celebrate the Christmas season and help in reaching out to friends, this card brings Christmas greetings and spiritual reflections to put Christ at the centre of Christmas, <image003.jpg>perfect for those who might be interested in faith.


The card contains two spiritual phrases, one inside left and the other inside right:

Look for Christ and you will find him, and with him, everything else. CS Lewis

The Angel said… “I bring you Good News that will cause great joy for all the people.”

 Designed for you to be able to give to your non-Christian friends and neighbours, and in a similar style to ourMoments in Life cards, it has a beautiful textile picture on the front and these sensitive spiritual messages inside.

So in the spirit of ‘something to say’ and ‘something to give’, we think this is a great card to give this Christmas.

Stocks will arrive next week, so click the links below to place your order now:

Single card £1.50 including p&p

Pack of 5 cards £6.00 plus p&p (save £1.50)

Pack of 10 cards £10.00 plus p&p (save £5.00)

 Your friend,

Laurence Singlehurst



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